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Monday, March 29, 2010

Shamrock Run

Ok. This is a little late. On March 14th I ran the Shamrock Run in downtown Portland. There are 3 distances offered which include a 15k, 8k, and a 5k. I chose to run the 8k. It was a beautiful morning, unlike last year when it rained and was very cold. I was just using this run as a nice speed session and not as a peak race. I didn't taper for this race at all.

I ran the first mile in 6:22, which felt solid, but not too fast. Second mile was 6:35 and third mile was 6:32. Both these miles are gradual uphill, going from north of Burnside all the way up Broadway through downtown Portland. I felt strong and knew I was running pretty well because right next to me was a lady named Nicki Raffie who always runs about my same time.

Shortly after mile 3 the course turns back to the north this time going down front avenue all the way to the finish. I ran mile 4 in 5:58 which felt good. The last mile is gradual downhill turning to flat at the very end finishing near the Morrison bridge on Front avenue. I ran the last mile (actually .97 of a mile) in 5:32. That felt strong and fast and that gave me a finish time of 31:04. Not too bad for an ultra runner just trying to get in a good speed workout.

It was a fun day. Penny went with me and she had a strong race too. Then after the race we got to go eat bagels and drink coffee. My favorite things to do after racing.

Results and pictures are at www.shamrockrunportland.com. Check it out!